Contemporary garage doors are everywhere, and there is a good reason. These days, we glorify anything new. We have to have the latest and greatest. When the newest iPhone comes out, many people flock out to purchase it, even though they have last year’s model, which is just as functional. Modernity is greatly valued. We are seeing it more and more in everything, especially home designs. Gone are the days when wallpaper and record players reigned supreme. Now, clean, contemporary garage doors looks are valued above anything. This applies to both homes’ interiors and exteriors. 

Are you looking to enhance the look of your home and make it more modern? We’re here to help. Check out our guide to contemporary garage doors: 

What Does Contemporary Mean? 

The word “contemporary” often gets interchanged with the word “modern.” Contemporary refers to something that marks the characteristics of the present-day. For instance, you could call a dress that reflects current design trends contemporary. So, that means when you are looking for a contemporary garage door, you’re searching for one that reflects current trends in modern design. 

What Are Some Characteristics Of Contemporary Garage Doors?

You can think of contemporary design as sleek. If that makes you think of a clean, uncluttered design, that’s exactly correct. Contemporary garage doors do not have a lot of fancy ornamentation if any at all. Typically, they feature materials such as glass and metal, which both work well for minimalistic garage door design. Other characteristics of contemporary garage doors include: 

  • Feature windows
  • Come in innocuous colors such as beige, black, and white
  • Lack decorative hardware
  • Usually are made of either horizontal or vertical panels
  • Often include materials like steel, aluminum, and wood

A brown metal garage door that is an example of contemporary garage doors

How Can I Find Contemporary Garage Doors? 

It is not difficult to find contemporary garage doors. Now that you know the correct characteristics to look out for, you can search the inventories of reputable garage door brands. Some good brands that carry modern designs are Clopay, Amarr, and Raynor. 

1. Clopay

Clopay has a wide variety of garage doors. There are less expensive options as well as plenty of high-end doors. They have some beautiful options for glass garage doors, which work well for contemporary homes. The company has been around since 1964, so they have plenty of experience creating beautiful, durable products.

2. Amarr

Amarr is another reputable garage door brand. While this brand does not offer the wide variety that Clopay does, you can still find plenty of contemporary options. If you want something durable, long-lasting, and attractive, Amarr can provide it for you. 

3. Raynor

Over the years, Raynor has developed an excellent reputation. They are well-known for their long-lasting, customizable products. Additionally, they are one of the most environmentally-conscious garage door brands out there, which is important to many homeowners who are trying to stay green.

Alternatives For Finding Contemporary Garage Doors

Sometimes, the perfect garage door simply doesn’t exist. When you can’t find exactly what you want from the top garage door manufacturers, don’t become discouraged. You can also create a custom garage door with all of your desired features. Our team at Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services is here to help you develop a custom option if that’s the route you choose. 

We Are Here to Help With Contemporary Garage Doors! 

Choosing the right garage door for your home isn’t easy. There are a lot of options available, and having to make a choice can become overwhelming. Thankfully, you’re not alone throughout this process. Our team at Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith is here to meet all of your needs, including supply, installation, and maintenance. We will help you find a contemporary garage door that you will love and that complements the style of your home. Contact us today for assistance!