Garage door off track is a scary sight. Your garage door is likely one of the most used and neglected parts of your home. Think about it. You open and close it all the time, and it sustains wear and tear throughout the process. But you probably don’t think much about that wear and tear until a problem develops, forcing you to acknowledge it. If left unaddressed (which happens with many garage doors), wear and tear progress into serious damage. This then leads to issues like your garage door going off track. 

Your Garage Door Opening System 

To understand how some problems occur with your tracks, it’s important to learn about the opening system of your garage door. Your garage door is only one part of an intricate system that contains many components. Parts like springs, cables, opener motors, rollers, and—of course—tracks work together to help raise and lower your door. This system is based on balance. Therefore, if something goes wrong with one part of your garage door, it will affect the whole system. For instance, if your cables snap, it may cause too much weight to rest on your tracks.

This then damages your tracks, which will cause further damage to other parts of the garage door. It’s like a domino set. If one domino falls, they all come toppling over. The same is true for garage doors. 

Common Problems With Tracks 

If you’re noticing door jams, loud noises, and strange movements when your garage door lowers and raises, you’re probably wondering what went wrong. Well, a number of problems can put your garage door off track. Among them are: 

Track Damage 

If your tracks get dented or damaged, it may put your garage door off track. Tracks can get damaged in a couple of different ways. Bumping your door with your car while backing out or pulling in is one way. Another way is a separate part of your garage door failing first, which then creates a domino effect until it causes track damage.


Your tracks are attached to the wall as well as the garage door. Sometimes, the part of the tracks attached to the wall becomes loose. This may be a problem with the screws or bolts keeping the tracks in place. 

A garage door off track


Misalignment can also put your garage door off track. If there is no damage to your tracks or the rollers that move your garage door along them, then this is likely the problem. The best thing to do in this situation is to call a professional who can move your tracks into exactly the right position. A DIYer may accidentally cause more damage when trying to realign tracks. 

Poorly-Maintained Rollers 

Your rollers help move your garage door along the tracks. Dirty or poorly-lubricated rollers will cause friction and track damage. If the rollers aren’t maintained properly, eventually they will push your garage door off track. That’s why it’s important to clean them monthly and oil them twice a year. 

Costs of Off Track Repair 

The cost of off track repair generally ranges from $150 to $280. However, that depends on the extent of the damage and whether other parts of the garage door are damaged. We can give you a free consultation and estimate to find out what the costs will be. 

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