Did you ever stopped to think why are garage doors in short supply? Or  think you’d see the day garage doors became hard to buy? We didn’t. Then again, we didn’t expect the global pandemic that hit us in 2020, either. COVID-19 has brought a lot of unpredictability into our lives. Not only has it affected us physically and mentally, but the virus has also had an economic impact. One of the ways COVID-19 impacted our industry is by causing a garage door shortage. Here are some of the reasons behind the pandemic-driven garage door shortage: 

Why are garage doors in short supply? #1 Reason

One of the top reasons garage doors are in short supply is because of supply chain issues. Many materials go into making garage doors, such as spray-foam insulation, steel, and polyurethane. Those core materials aren’t easy to get anymore. Problems with international imports, warehouse shutdowns, and employee shortages all contributed to the current supply chain issues. 

why are garage doors in short supply? Reason #2

As aforementioned, COVID-19 impacted the economy. One of the ways the pandemic impacted the economy was by causing rising living prices in cities. As costs increased in cities, more people began moving into houses far away from these high-traffic areas. In turn, that increased demand for new housing. New housing then placed demands on materials like garage doors. And you know how that saga ended: The new demands on garage doors, coupled with supply chain issues, caused a shortage. 

why are garage doors in short supply? Reason #3, More Interest in Home Improvement 

When most people worked outside the home, renovations seemed farther from their minds than it is today. After all, it’s easy to put off home improvement when you’re hardly ever in your home. All of that changed when remote work became the new normal. As people have spent more time inside their houses, they started taking more interest in renovations. For a lot of people, that meant replacing their old garage doors. 

why are garage doors in short supply?

When Will This End?

Unfortunately, no one is sure when the garage door shortage will end. Increased demand only draws out complications. When something is in short supply,  it causes all kinds of complications that draw out the issue. No easy fix exists for this situation. We also find ourselves asking this same question why are garage doors in short supply?, and our suppliers cant really tell or guarantee any kind of promise with this issue. 

How Does This Affect You? 

We wish we could say this situation won’t affect you. Sadly, though, we don’t think that’s true. There are a few ways this garage door shortage may affect you. First, if you’re planning to move any time soon, it may be harder to find a newly constructed home. In some areas, houses can’t go on the market until they’re completely finished. If any new constructions are missing garage doors, they can’t be sold yet. 

Another big issue is pricing. Because of the supply chain complications and other pandemic-related issues, the prices have gone up in our industry. Anyone in the market for garage doors may find they are more expensive than before, which can be frustrating for those needing a replacement. At Thunder we always try to find the best solution for every homeowner and his budget.

We understand every customer has its own story and are here to assist. Thankfully, garage door come in so many types of looks, materials and design combinations, so we almost 100% of the times are able to make our customers happy and comfortable. In these unsure times, we all in this together. We can work with payment schedules and needs, to make sure our customer will be 100% happy and safe. 

Finally, if you’re in the market for a new garage door, you can’t expect a replacement any time soon. You can place an order, but there’s no telling when a replacement will arrive. Contractors have shared that it now takes the same amount of time to receive a pair of garage doors that it does to construct a new home. That doesn’t bode well, does it? 

We’re Doing the Best We Can For You

Garage doors are in short supply, but we’re doing the best we can for you. Though finding a replacement garage door won’t be easy, we’ll certainly do our best to keep the one you have in working order. We’re here for our customers no matter what difficulties arise within the industry. Contact us today for help maintaining your garage door or to get help from our garage door suppliers! We get calls from customers about this common nowadays question – why are garage doors in short supply? , and we are here to assist! 

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