Garage door cables help support the door’s weight as it opens and closes. It works in tandem with the other parts to operate the garage door smoothly. The most common problem with garage door cables is them falling off their drum or pulley. What causes garage door cables to come off? This is a common question we receive from our customers.

There are a couple of reasons as to why garage door cables fall of their pulley or drum. These are typically linked to either a user error or damage to the cable. Of course, there can be a lot of other issues at play with your garage door. When a single garage door part fails, other parts can experience more strain and become damaged. That is why it’s essential to care for your garage door cables and the many other parts on your garage door.

What Causes Garage Door Cables to Come Off?

Garage door cables can come off their drums for two different reasons: slack within the cable or damage to the cable. Slack within your garage door cable is caused by poor installation or user error. If not tightly wound around the garage door cable drum, they can slip off during the opening or closing of the garage door.

A variety of different reasons can cause a broken garage door cable. The most common cause of a broken garage door cable is fraying. As the cable ages or deteriorates, the wire frays and becomes weaker over time. Eventually, the cable snaps and puts strain on the rest of the door. Corrosion may also have an impact on your garage door cable. Moisture and poor maintenance lead to excessive corrosion on your garage door cables.

Finally, a broken garage door cable may be caused by the friction of another part on the door. If the cable rubs against another metal part, it can fray or snap. Now that you know the answer to “what causes garage door cables to come off,” we can provide you with signs that your cables have come off their drum.

Signs of a Garage Door Cable Problem

Before you know if you need garage door cable repairs, it is important you know how to know if your garage door cables have come off or have broken. The best thing you can do when determining if your garage door has a problem is to look and listen. These two simple actions can give you a lot of information regarding the health of your garage door.

What Causes Garage Door Cables to Come Off - Frayed Cable

Here are the signs of a loose or broken garage door cable:

  • Fraying or rusted cable
  • Poorly aligned door
  • Door seems heavier when opening and closing
  • Wire or cable hanging from the door
  • Screeching or scratching when operating the door
  • Loud bang when operating the door

If you notice any of the signs above, contact a garage door repair company as soon as possible. They can immediately identify What causes garage door cables to come off and come to rescue. The team at Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services can provide you with the repairs you need in the Greater Portland area!

Garage Door Cable Repairs

So what causes garage door cables to come off indeed? When it comes to fixing your garage door cable problems, we recommend hiring a professional garage door repair company. Garage door parts work in tandem to open and close your door. If you aren’t sure of what you are doing or don’t have experience, you can ruin the efficiency of your garage door parts. You may end up damaging the cables or another part. Plus, you may not have the knowledge or experience to spot these issues, so they go unnoticed until the door fails.

Prevent these problems with professional garage door cable repair services from Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services. Get in touch with our team today for a free estimate by calling or filling out the contact form. You are welcome to ask us any questions you may have, such as the one we answered in this blog, “what causes garage door cables to come off.” We can give you an accurate estimate of your garage door cable repair. Learn more about garage door cable repair by visiting our service page dedicated to it!