Top 5 Garage Door Conversion Tips

More and more homeowners across the country are finding that their garage is no longer necessary for vehicles and storage. Instead, they are finding that the benefits of creating a living space in their garage are more significant than the need for storage. Perhaps surprisingly for some, garage door conversion is becoming more popular, especially on the West coast. There are many pros and cons to undergoing this project, but there is one primary consideration every homeowner must consider when they decide to take on a garage conversion: the garage door. The garage door conversion is something all homeowners have to take into account as they debate if they want to keep, replace, or forego a garage door. 

Our Recommendations

There are several choices you have for your garage door conversion. Most homeowners decide to forego their garage doors and install sliding glass doors or wooden doors. However, we recommend sticking with a traditional up-and-over garage door. The trick with using a traditional up-and-over garage door is to choose one that is stylish and isn’t out of place. This is also a cost-effective option for those who don’t want to pay for altering existing door frames. Furthermore, potential buyers of your home in the future will appreciate the simplicity of reconverting the garage back into a storage space. 

Garage Door Conversion Tips

No matter what type of door you choose for your garage door conversion, it’s important to adhere to the following tips for a successful garage conversion project. 

Natural Light

There are many reasons to undergo a garage conversion. You could create an alternate living space for renting or for other family members. You could repurpose the space for additional living space for your home. Or you could turn the garage into an office or workshop. The possibilities are endless, but you will need one thing: natural light. Choose a garage door that lets in natural light, such as one that has glass panels along the top row. Letting in too much light could comprise the security of your converted garage. 


Speaking of security, the material of the garage door you choose will also play a role in the security of your converted garage. Our recommendation is a strong, durable, and reinforced material, such as steel or wood composite. Additionally, both garage doors come with many customizable features, allowing you to make the garage door your own and trust in its aesthetic beauty. Both materials are well-known for being secure garage door choices. 

A beautiful brown garage door that needs garage door conversion


We understand that adding a new garage door instead of foregoing a garage door altogether might not be what you had in mind but, as mentioned above, the benefits of replacing the garage door are far greater than getting rid of one entirely. Plus, there are plenty of visually appealing and attractive garage doors out there that will work seamlessly with your garage conversion. There are many modern options available, such as fiberglass garage doors, or more charming options like carriage house garage doors. 


To enjoy your garage year-round, we recommend insulating your garage door conversion. If you don’t insulate your garage door, you could be looking at higher utility bills to heat and cool your garage. Good-quality insulation will also reduce the noise in your garage which, depending on what you want to use your extra space for, will be extremely handy. You can learn more about garage door insulation here


You likely already have a budget in mind for your garage conversion, and adding a garage door conversion to the list will affect your budget. However, there are many garage door installation services out there that offer reasonable pricing for the garage door and installation. As mentioned above, if you plan to one day sell your home, potential buyers will appreciate that they can easily convert the garage back into its original state. 

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