The beautiful city of Woodland, Washington, has many attractions that make it a pleasure to visit for the Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services team. Few cities possess the charm, appreciation for community, and intriguing history that Woodland does.

As a company that values community deeply, we are truly impressed by the city’s efforts to bring people together through fun events like outdoor movie nights and festivals. We’re also amazed by residents’ dedication to the history of Woodland. For instance, the Woodland Federated Garden Club’s members took initiative in the 1960s to ensure the home of famous figure Hulda Klager—the “Lilac Lady”—was preserved as a historical landmark instead of being torn down for industrial buildings.

Now, today, people are still able to enjoy visiting the Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens thanks to their efforts. What an amazing demonstration of community spirit and respect for past residents! Thunder Garage Door Services is proud to serve the city of Woodland, Washington, and its wonderful residents. We are here for you. Our team is ready to offer its wide array of home improvement services whenever you’re in need.

About Our Team 

Our company is fully licensed and insured. Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith has all of the proper documentation and credentials that qualify us to service the state of Washington and surrounding areas. We want you to feel comfortable with our business, so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for copies of our licensing and insurance information.

We’re family-owned and operated. We are a family-owned and operated company. By choosing Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services, you’re supporting a local business whose workers hold to strict family values that help us serve you better. We value honesty, hard work, efficiency, and community. Count on our team for reliable assistance with all of your residential and commercial home improvement needs!

Our prices are affordable. We strive to keep prices as low as possible so no Washington resident has to go without proper care and maintenance for their home. To complement our low prices, we also offer free estimates and consultations. But we didn’t stop there. Our team also maintains a coupon page on the Thunder Garage Door Locksmith Services website. Check it each time you require our services to maximize your savings!

Our Services

Our trained technicians can perform a wide variety of garage door and locksmith services. Whatever you need help with, we’re confident we can assist you. Here are some of the things we can do around your home:


Garage door installation

Your garage door might look simple from the outside, but it’s made of many components that help it raise and lower, such as the springs, tracks, rollers, and cables. Each part helps balance the weight of your garage door so it can move properly. That’s why it’s important to install every piece of hardware correctly. Our professionals can make sure your garage door is placed right the first time to avoid maintenance and repair issues in the future.


Have you ever thought that your garage could be the perfect place to live and start a family? Very likely you haven’t because the main part of your home is much more suitable for human habitation. However, rats and mice have different perspectives on the matter. To a rodent, your garage is a dream home full of warmth, nesting material, and gourmet snacks like pet food and bird seed. That’s why it’s important to invest in rodent-proofing, lest you end up with unwanted guests.

Garage door supply

Garage doors are a big investment, so you want to make sure you’re choosing the right type of material and style to suit your home. That’s why we partner with a wide selection of brands to help supply you with your dream door. We also offer free consultations so you can get the perfect garage door without becoming overwhelmed by options.


Our talented professionals didn’t feel stopping at garage doors was enough. That’s why we became certified locksmiths, too! We offer comprehensive locksmith services for both homeowners and business owners, such as:

Car lockout services

It happens to the best of us: You shut the door of your car and turn to walk into a store, then realize with dread that your keys are still inside the vehicle. When this happens, don’t panic. Call Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services immediately. We’ll get your door open in no time without causing any damage to your car.


For your safety and security, it’s important to take initiative and update your locks every seven years or so. If you own a business with high turnover rates and multiple keyholders, you should get re-keying done every two to three years or whenever a keyholder leaves your company. Thankfully, the Thunder Team can take care of this task for you as often as necessary.

Key Duplication & creation

Unfortunately, it’s easy to misplace keys. They’re small, we carry them everywhere, and sometimes we set them down in a place where they’ll never be found again. If this has happened to you, Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services can help. We can copy an existing key or create a new one based on your locks.

Let’s Work Together, Woodland Residents!

We’re confident the team at Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services can help with all of your home improvement needs. Our highly-trained professionals will get your job done quickly without sacrificing quality. So what are you waiting for, Woodland residents? We’re ready to hear from you. Give us a call today and learn more about how we can assist you!