Did you know Kelso, WA, was named after Kelso, Scotland? The two are now sister cities, but how did this come to be? In 1884, Peter W. Crawford founded Kelso, WA, after traveling from Indiana to what would later become Kelso in 1847.

Due to his heritage and the founding of Kelso, the town celebrates Scottish traditions through its own official tartan and annual Highlander Festival.

Kelso is now a bustling town with Longview, WA as its neighbor, where the town was originally a logging and smelt fisherman’s paradise. Healthcare, education, and social services are now the leading employers in the region, followed by manufacturing and retail. A regional airport sits nearby, as well as a historical museum and regional shopping mall.

Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services

Thunder is proud to serve the Kelso, WA community and greater Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA areas.

We provide Oregon and Washington residents with quality garage door and locksmith services. Our garage door services include repairs, maintenance, and installation, among other services.

We also provide automatic gate installation and maintenance services if garages aren’t your style. Our locksmith services are comprehensive: we boast residential, vehicle, commercial, and emergency lockout services.

Garage Door Repairs

We provide garage door repair services in Kelso and work with all types of garage door parts and manufacturers. Our certified technicians perform garage door repairs with premium parts.

Our long-lasting garage door repair solutions are what you need when your garage door fails to function properly.


Cables typically go unnoticed until a problem arises. Problematic cables are not always obvious but can cause greater issues with the door, such as a partial failure or a complete door malfunction. Performing a visual inspection is usually enough to know if a cable will fail.

Here are some common signs that reveal you need cable repair:

  • Fraying on the cable
  • Rust or corrosion
  • Excessive wear to the surface of the cable
  • Wire or cable hanging from your garage door


Sometimes, your garage door opener may not need to be repaired but replaced. To make that determination, you need to look for a handful of signs your opener is displaying.

One of the biggest is how well it runs. An opener that requires regular repairs and maintenance is a sure sign you should get it replaced.

Additionally, a noisy garage door opener will hint at a need for a replacement. If you notice any of these signs, contact Thunder for an inspection.


Knowing if your garage door springs need to be replaced can be challenging. Homeowners don’t tend to examine their garage door after each use. Here are some signs that your garage door springs may not be performing as well as they should and need to be replaced.

  • Straining noises upon opening the garage door
  • Door slams shut suddenly
  • Popping noise when the garage door closes
  • Door seems heavier when it is being opened
  • Unable to manually pull the door to the mid-level position

If your garage door has shown any of the above signs, your springs are likely to blame.


The malfunctioning of another garage door part usually causes the need for track repair.

These malfunctioning parts lead to a damaged track, preventing the door from opening or closing.

If you experience any of the following, contact Thunder:

  • Damaged cable or drum: If you attempt to close the door with this problem, the door will lower unevenly and bend the track.
  • Roller Displacement: This is caused by a lack of lubrication on the roller stems. As a result, the rollers become less flexible, and the lower portion of the track becomes bent.
  • Striker Scraping: While locked, the striker can scrape along the vertical track and cause it to split.
  • Object Impacts: Tracks can be bent by objects running into them, such as vehicles.
  • Door Weight: The horizontal portion of the track can become fatigued when the door’s weight is put on the track. Another part failure typically causes this.


Age can impact any part of your garage door, including the rollers. A lack of maintenance and care can lead to serious garage door roller repairs. For rollers, there are several different types of garage door roller repairs our team can perform. This may include partial repairs or complete replacements.

To know what the best course of action is, you should know what type of roller problem you may have:

  • Poor Lubrication: You’ll notice poor lubrication from shaky door movement and loud noises when operating the door.
  • Rollers Off Track: When tracks are not anchored to the wall sufficiently, rollers may come off the track.
  • Damaged Tracks: Dents, cracks, and other damages can lead to damaged or inoperable rollers.
  • Dirty Tracks: If tracks are gunked up with oil, dirt, and other grime, your rollers will fail to move.
  • Misaligned Tracks: Tracks may become misaligned from being bumped by a vehicle or another object. Rollers may fall off the track from gaps, stutter from seams, or stop completely.

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Matt did a great job of installing two new springs on my garage door opening system. He was out within one hour of my calling. He did the job quickly and efficiently, explaining everything that he had done. The price was very competitive. I highly recommend Matt and Thunder Garage Door.
We had our 50 year old garage doors replaced a few months back. We are so glad we did. Our new doors are whisper quiet. No more worrying about the springs breaking, like what happened in our old doors. The Thunder Garage door team worked quickly and professionally. Highly recommend.

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