The city of Sherwood is a town full of history and nostalgia. When you visit Sherwood, you can admire old architecture, find antiques, and much more. When you’ve had your fill of history for the day, there’s always an activity to take part in.

You can attend writing workshops at the library, events at the Sherwood Center for Arts, or take a class at the local community center. If you tire of the indoors, there are always nature reserves, farms, and wineries ready to welcome you for a daily dose of fresh air. It’s always a pleasure to visit Sherwood.

Nothing beats a cup of coffee or tea at the famous Symposium Coffee, and who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the chance to get some fresh air at one of the local nature reserves or farms? The Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services is more than happy to make the trip to Sherwood, both because we love helping our Oregon neighbors and because of the wonderful local attractions.

About Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services

We’re a family-owned and operated business.

Our family values of hard work, integrity, and compassion guide how we interact with our clients and how we complete projects. By choosing Thunder, you’re supporting a loving family in the Oregon community and getting superior service in return.

Our services are affordably-priced.

We have deep care for the residents of Oregon, and we don’t want a single person in the state to go without having their improvement needs to be met. That’s why we work hard to keep our prices as low as possible. We also offer free estimates and consultations on top of our fair prices. And because we didn’t think the savings should stop there, we included a coupon page on our website that we update daily with great new deals.

Our company is fully
licensed, bonded, and insured.

It’s hard to trust a stranger with the care and maintenance of your home, and that’s understandable. In fact, you shouldn’t just trust a stranger to do work around your house. Not everyone who advertises themselves as a professional is a qualified technician.

There are always scammers and lowlifes who do shoddy work and overcharge. But thankfully, there are also honest workers out there like those at Thunder.

Our team is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and we’re willing to provide you with proof upon request. We want you to feel comfortable with our qualifications before beginning your project.

Sherwood, Oregon

Our Services

Garage door remote repair

Who doesn’t love the convenience of using a garage door remote?

This nifty little device allows you to get into your garage without exiting your car, which is especially helpful on rainy or snowy days.

However, when something goes wrong with this handy contraption, you might find yourself locked out of your garage.

If your remote or clicker isn’t working, you can trust the Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services team to help.

We work with many brands and types of remotes. 

Garage door repair

Your garage door is made up of multiple components that all contribute to the raising and lowering process. Each part helps balance the weight of your garage door, which can weigh up to 300 pounds, to ensure no component has to bear more weight than necessary.

When something goes wrong with one part, it causes strain on the entire system because of the weight imbalance. This imbalance can lead to multiple parts becoming damaged, which in turn results in costly repairs.

Not only does failure to repair your garage door immediately cost you more in the end, but it also will turn your garage into a safety hazard. The last thing you want is for your garage door to collapse or close onto you or your children. The Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services team can take care of minor issues right away before they lead to bigger problems. 

Key making and duplications

Keys are an incredibly important component of your home’s security.

However, because they’re so small, they’re also easy to lose.

And because they’re so valuable, they’re also high-value targets for thieves to steal so they can gain access to your home.

Whether your key has been lost or stolen, we’re happy to provide replacements or rekey your locks to ensure the security of your home is not compromised.

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