Rivergrove, OR, is a city that is located in the Portland area. It came into existence in January of 1971 after a vote passed in favor of incorporation.

There are several parks in the area that give Rivergrove its beauty. Lloyd Minor Park and Heritage Park rest right along the Tualatin River, both offering amenities for residents to enjoy the surrounding sights.

Family-Owned and Operated

Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services is owned and operated by family. We understand the importance of protecting ourselves and our loved ones. We provide quality craftsmanship and customer service with our garage door, gate, and locksmith services. Choose Thunder to give you expert experience.

When hiring a home improvement expert, you deserve expert experience and friendly customer service. At Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services, we understand the importance of safety, transparency, experience, and quality customer service. We deliver these attributes to each of our clients to provide them with a quality experience.

Rivergrove, OR - Lloyd Minor Park

Safety Experts

Safety is a chief concern during any home remodeling project or emergency lockout situation. Whether you need garage door repairs or are looking for automatic gate installation, we ensure each step of the process is done with security in mind. During a garage door repair situation, we guarantee your home’s integrity and valuables stay intact throughout the process. We ensure old materials are safely and properly disposed of and that the cleanup process is done thoroughly–as if the project wasn’t done at all!

Transparent Technicians

When you face any issue with your property, you want to be given the complete run-down to understand the problem entirely. Our professional team of technicians is completely transparent during the entire process. If your garage door needs serious repairs, we want to make sure you understand what repairs are needed and how we plan to tackle the issue. We work endlessly to ensure any problems you might face or any improvements to your home are made appropriately and with your approval.

Experienced Professionals

Our team is comprised of many professionals, each with the necessary skill sets to provide you with the best possible craftsmanship. We endeavor to provide quality service to our clients. Each job requires extensive knowledge and training.

Customer Service Specialists

Believe it or not, we got our start in the retail industry. However, we quickly realized that our aspirations and specialty were in customer service. We know how important the customer service experience is to our clients. With an exceptional customer service experience, we can develop long-lasting business relationships. We ensure we meet your goals by providing transparency, timeliness, and our knowledge on each project you could call us for. Our extensive training can help you with every home improvement project.

Rivergrove Garage Door and Locksmith Providers

Garage Door Maintenance

Did you know you should get your garage door serviced at least once a year?

Getting your garage door looked at once every year is critical. You may be hesitant to hire professional garage door repair experts to perform routine inspections because you might believe you can do this yourself.

While you can do this, you may not be able to spot signs of wear and tear that could be problematic later on. Without years of experience in the industry, your garage door may suffer from the lack of a professional’s eyes.


For your safety and security, it’s essential to take the initiative and update your locks every seven years.

If you own a business with high turnover rates and multiple keyholders, you should get re-keying done every two to three years or whenever a keyholder leaves your company.

Thankfully, the Thunder Team can take care of this task for you as often as necessary.

Emergency Lockouts

The types of emergency locksmith services that our team can carry out are extensive.

Nonetheless, there are several types of services we often get requests for, such as lockouts, lock repairs, and rekeying.

These services and more are available for same-day service if required. Each of our technicians is highly trained to our standards, certified, and heavily screened.

Key Duplication & Creation

If you misplace keys, Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services can help you.

We can copy an existing key or create a new one based on your locks.

Garage Door Installation

Garage doors contribute significantly to curb appeal.

An out-of-place garage door is noticeable on a home with style different from the house or a garage that differs from the surrounding community. Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services can help.

Sectional Garage Door w/ Glass Panels

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