Oregon City

Oregon City’s humble beginnings began with John McLoughlin, who in 1829 claimed two square miles at the base of Willamette Falls and built three homes and a millrace.

This started the history of what would eventually become Oregon City in 1842. Throughout its history, Oregon City, OR, had a timber-based economy. Nowadays, its economic focus has been on residential development for commuters to Portland and on heritage tourism.

Oregon City Garage
Door & Locksmith Services

If you have placed your roots in Oregon City, you’ll need a reliable garage door technician and locksmith. That’s where Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services come in.

We are a family-owned business with several years of experience servicing the Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA, greater metropolitan areas.

We provide many garage door and locksmithing services. Read on for detailed insight into some of these service areas.

Oregon City, OR

Garage Door Maintenance

Did you know you should get your garage door serviced at least once a year? Getting your garage door looked at once every year is critical.

You may be hesitant to hire professional garage door repair experts to perform routine inspections because you might believe you can do this yourself.

While you can do this, you may not be able to spot signs of wear and tear that could be problematic later on.

Without years of experience in the industry, your garage door may suffer from the lack of a professional’s eyes.


For your safety and security, it’s essential to take the initiative and update your locks every seven years.

If you own a business with high turnover rates and multiple keyholders, you should get re-keying done every two to three years or whenever a keyholder leaves your company.

Thankfully, the Thunder Team can take care of this task for you as often as necessary.

Commercial Security Solutions

Selecting the right system for your business may be difficult because they are not all suitable.

Some systems may be overkill for your small businesses, while others may offer too little security.

These are details our team will help you iron out as we assist you in choosing a commercial security solution that boosts your business.

Emergency Lockouts

The types of emergency locksmith services that our team can carry out are extensive.

Nonetheless, there are several types of services we often get requests for, such as lockouts, lock repairs, and rekeying.

These services and more are available for same-day service if required.

Each of our technicians is highly trained to our standards, certified, and heavily screened. They’ll ensure you feel safe and can return to comfort in no time.


Your garage door might look simple, but it’s made of many components that help raise and lower it, such as the springs, tracks, rollers, and cables.

That’s why it’s vital to install every piece of hardware correctly.

Our professionals can make sure your garage door is placed right the first time to avoid maintenance and repair issues.

Car Lockout Services

It happens to the best of us: You shut the door of your car, then realize your keys are still inside the vehicle.

Call Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services immediately.

We’ll get your door open in no time without causing damage.

Garage Door Repair

You may sometimes notice various parts of your garage door are in disarray or hear your garage making strange noises.

They are many symptoms of a garage door repair, but Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services of Oregon City can diagnose and repair the issue without a problem.

Key Duplication & Creation

If you misplace keys, Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services can help you.

We can copy an existing key or create a new one based on your locks.

We Provide Much More

If you live in Oregon City, WA, and are interested in any of the services Thunder provides, call us at (503) 536-2840 or get a free estimate on the home project you’re about to embark on. We provide extensive garage door, locksmith, and gate services for every homeowner and business owner. Let Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services provide you with our undeniably professional expertise.