Columbia County

When Lewis and Clark began their famous journey following the Louisiana Purchase, Columbia County was one of the places they visited.

In 1805, they camped along the Columbia River shoreline in what would later become Columbia County, OR. Under 50 years later, Columbia County would be established in 1854. Like most other places on the Columbia River coast, there are many outdoor activities to partake in. St. Helens offers historical flare, Scappoose Bay is perfect for kayaking and fishing, and the Crown Zellerbach Trail offers scenic views during memorable bike rides. The possibilities are endless, and Columbia County is an excellent place to raise a family.

Family-Owned, Passionate, and Experienced

You’ll never find another garage door and locksmith company like Thunder. We put our best foot forward to help our customers, whether we’ve worked with them in the past or just met. Our exceptional customer service skills are all due to who we are as service providers.

Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services is a family-owned and operated business that got its start in retail. When we realized that wasn’t our passion, we changed course and applied those same customer-friendly skills to a new profession.

Since then, our quality service has taken the Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA, greater metropolitan areas by storm.

Columbia County, OR

So, who is Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services?

We are experienced professionals

Our team is comprised of many professionals, each with the necessary skill sets to provide you with the best possible craftsmanship.

We endeavor to provide quality service to our clients.

Each job requires extensive knowledge and training, which is why we endeavor to perform quality locksmith and garage door services.

We are safety experts

Safety is a chief concern during any home remodeling project or emergency lockout situation.

Whether you need garage door repairs or are looking for automatic gate installation, we ensure each step of the process is done with security in mind.

During a garage door repair, we guarantee your home’s integrity and valuables stay intact throughout the process.

We ensure old materials are safely and properly disposed of and that the cleanup process is done thoroughly–as if the project wasn’t done at all!

We are transparent technicians

When you face any issue with your property, you want to be given the complete run-down to understand the problem entirely.

Our professional team of technicians is completely transparent during the entire process. If your garage door needs serious repairs, we want to ensure you understand what repairs are needed and how we plan to tackle the issue.

We work endlessly to ensure any problems you might face with your home or any improvements you want to make to your home are done appropriately and with your approval.

We are customer service specialists

Believe it or not, we got our start in the retail industry.

However, we quickly realized that our aspirations and specialty were in locksmith and garage door services, but we still wanted to stay true to our roots of quality customer care.

That is why customer service is still a fundamental part of how we operate. We know how important the customer service experience is to our clients. With an exceptional customer service experience, we can develop long-lasting business relationships.

We ensure we meet your goals by providing transparency, timeliness, and our knowledge on each project you could call us for.

We want to ensure you understand the process you contacted us about and ensure it is up to your expectations. We are quick to respond and eager to help. Our extensive training can help you with every home improvement project.

Columbia County Courthouse

Why Choose Thunder 

At Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services, we put the customer experience first! Our technicians are highly skilled and professional at their jobs. When you contact us for emergency locksmith services in Columbia County, you can expect a friendly face, professional services, affordable flare rates, and a prompt response time. Your business is precious to us, and we would never do anything to jeopardize that. Contact us at 503-536-2840 or get a free estimate on our website.