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The small city of Barlow, OR, is comprised of less than 200 residents, all of whom enjoy a quiet life while living about 20 miles south of Portland for more urban amenities. Though the city is only about 35 acres, there is still plenty of beautiful surrounding acreage that tourists and Oregon residents flock to.

Barlow is not far from Molalla River State Park, Willamette River, and Memorial State Park. There are also several farms, nurseries, and St. Josefs Wine Cellar Winery, in the surrounding area that make pleasant day trips. Historically, the town of Barlow is known for the Barlow Trail. This trail was carved into the slopes of Mt. Hood when Oregon Trail pioneers tried to shorten their journey and cross the Cascade Mountains to the Willamette Valley. Though the trail is mostly dissolved today, traces of the original trail are still visible in some areas.

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Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services is family-owned and operated. We understand the importance of protecting ourselves and our loved ones and are in the business of providing those protections to all residents. We provide quality craftsmanship and customer service with our garage door, gate, and locksmith services.

When hiring a home improvement expert, you deserve expert experience and friendly customer service. At Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services, we understand the importance of safety, transparency, experience, and quality customer service. We deliver these attributes to each of our clients to provide them with a quality experience.

Benefits of Getting a New Garage Door

Garage doors last 15-30 years, but this depends on how well the garage door is maintained and what material the garage door is made of.

Wooden garage doors, for instance, are high-maintenance and may not last the full average lifespan if not serviced or taken care of properly. When it comes time to replace your garage door, keep these benefits in mind.

Renewed Protection and Security: Most homeowners with an attached garage use their garage door as an entrance into their homes. Having an updated garage door renews the security of one’s home by eliminating security threats from potential intruders.

Improved Appearance: The better the garage door looks, the better your home value, curb appeal, and security will be. Dilapidated or run-down garage doors do nothing for a home, especially when it comes time to sell. Dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home with a new garage door.

Reduced Maintenance: There comes a time in the lifespan of your garage door where the constant repairs and maintenance are not worth it. Eliminate the need for constant repairs by upgrading to a new garage door. Keep in mind all garage doors should be serviced annually by a professional.

Benefits of Changing Your Locks

We don’t tend to think about our locks despite how often we use them every day. They’re just there. But we fail to realize that intruders could tamper with our locks or that someone else might pick them up when we lose a set of keys.

Locks are the only thing keeping intruders out of our homes and businesses, so it’s important to change your locks every so often. When it comes time to change your locks, keep these benefits in mind.

Security Against Intruders: If you suspect your locks have been tampered with, don’t hesitate to call a locksmith for assistance. Changing your locks is the number one way to protect against intruders. If you have recently moved into a new home or building, contact a locksmith to change the locks. You never know who might have a key.

Replacement of Damaged Locks: Have you ever attempted to unlock your door and met resistance when you tried to turn the key? This could be a sign that your lock is damaged. If this isn’t serviced promptly, you could run into a situation where your key breaks or gets jammed in the lock.

Upgraded Security With Smart Locks: Technology has advanced so much that now our locks can be intelligent too. While you could simply replace your locks with another traditional lock, you could also choose a smart lock. Smart locks offer convenience, remote access, and sophisticated security that not even the average intruder can penetrate.

Why Choose Thunder

At Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services, we put the customer experience first! Our technicians are highly skilled and professional at their jobs. When you contact us for emergency locksmith services or garage door maintenance in Barlow, you can expect a friendly face, professional services, affordable flare rates, and a prompt response time. Your business is precious to us, and we would never do anything to jeopardize that. Contact us at (503)-536-2840 or get a free estimate on our website.

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Matt did a great job of installing two new springs on my garage door opening system. He was out within one hour of my calling. He did the job quickly and efficiently, explaining everything that he had done. The price was very competitive. I highly recommend Matt and Thunder Garage Door.
We had our 50 year old garage doors replaced a few months back. We are so glad we did. Our new doors are whisper quiet. No more worrying about the springs breaking, like what happened in our old doors. The Thunder Garage door team worked quickly and professionally. Highly recommend.

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