You might think garage door suppliers are a dime a dozen, but it’s incredibly important to choose a qualified and quality garage door supplier. Garages store important and expensive property, and homeowners need a garage door that will not only ensure their goods are safe but that the garage door complements the beauty of a home. A garage takes up a good chunk of the square footage of a home and needs to be attractive. 

There are many critical factors to take into consideration when choosing a garage door supplier. Let’s go over some must-have qualities of a garage door supplier. 

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1. Positive Testimonials and Reviews

A reputable garage door supplier will be rated highly online and positively talked about in their testimonials. They will have a great number of reviews online with detailed comments about the work previous customers had them complete. 

2. Lengthy Experience

When researching a garage door supplier online, visit their website and read about the company. Check out their values, their visions, and what drives them. A business that has been operating for a long period of time is a good sign they have a great deal of experience. The general rule of thumb is that they should have been in operation for several years. Be wary of customer reviews, though. A supplier could have been helping your area for 10+ years, but that does not mean they have a great track record. 

3. Quality Custom Designs

The portfolio of garage door suppliers should offer their customers a wide range of styles and options. A quality garage door should be one you see that immediately draws your eye, and a garage door supplier should have a great deal of experience proving their customers with that service. 

4. Range of Services

How to tell if you’ve found an excellent candidate for a garage door supplier is if they offer a wide array of services. Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services has been serving the Washington and Oregon area with not only garage door designs and installation, but also locksmithing, gating, and various around-the-house handyman services. The supplier should also be able to repair and maintain the door, which Thunder is highly skilled in doing. 

Garage Door Roller Repair Vancouver

Garage Door Roller Repair Vancouver

5. Availability

Nothing is more frustrating than when you decide to work with a company and they have no time for you. When a company is generally unhelpful to you, it typically means they are either already busy or are not interested in helping you. If you ever have an issue with your garage door or have an important question, a garage door supplier should be able to get in touch with you in a reasonable amount of time. 

6. Transparency and Customer Service

Good customer service is all about transparency. People value transparency and honesty in today’s world of customer service, so a garage door supplier should be able to offer the same assurances. Getting a garage door is a large expense, so the importance of openness and good customer service is extremely valuable to the customer. If problems arise, customers need to know and the supplier needs to be upfront. 

7. Offers Warranties

After your garage door has been installed, you will likely feel security in your decision, but a good garage door supplier offers warranties. A supplier who offers a warranty is one who is confident in their workmanship and will not hesitate to offer a warranty in the off-chance a problem arises. 

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Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services meets each of these qualities and more! If you are looking for a new garage door, locksmith services, window replacement, and much, much more, Thunder does it all. Check out our garage door supplier page, and get a free quote. Find out why we’re rated 5/5 stars by our customers.