Off track garage door repair is a job we are preforming on a weekly and even daily basis. There are very few homeowners who do not use their garage door regularly. Garage door opening and closing is a normal daily task for the rest of us. It becomes so common that a slight change in the sound of the door moving on the track seems like a problem. If you ignore the telltale signs, you may end up paying more for garage door track repairs.

However, if the problem is addressed on time with the help of professionals, you can save yourself some garage door repair costs. Maintaining and repairing garage door tracks requires a particular set of skills. A professional must understand all the parts and components before changing anything. They should also figure out the cause of damage to provide the most cost-effective solution.

Reasons for Of Track Garage Door & Track Damage

Here are the most common causes of Off track garage door & garage door track repairs:

1. Bent Garage Door Track Resulting In An Off track garage door

Garage door tracks are one of the most critical parts of the mechanical system of the door. If they are not in their best shape, chances are the garage door will not work correctly.

If you suspect that the tracks are the reason for your garage door damage, we recommend that you check for bend or dented tracks. Tracks usually bend due to rollers going off track. It means you would require roller replacement to make the garage door track work again.


Off track garage door


2. Cable Damage Resulting In An Off track garage door

Cable damage is among the top reasons for garage door track repairs. Cables do not require a professional’s inspection to determine the cause of damage. You can inspect the door yourself and call us to hire a garage door cable repair expert.

If you do not take care of the cable damage immediately, it can further put you and others in harm because the garage door won’t be stable. You will find yourself with a warped track and a leaning door.

3. Corrosion Damage

Moisture has a drastic effect on garage door parts, especially metal. When moisture sticks to the parts, they age faster and corrode. Corrosion can easily lead to the determination of your garage door tracks. Rust can appear and lead to a brittle structure. Do your best to prevent moisture from entering your garage as it will target the many garage door parts.

Garage Door Corrosion-min

4. Old Door

Old tracks of an aged garage door can misalign the track system. It will affect the garage door’s functionality and make your life stressful.

You can hire a professional to inspect the tracks and get their opinion on the best repair option for the old tracks. If they advise you to replace the tracks, you should consider it because old tracks are bound to wear out even if you do not replace them this time.

5. Roller Lubrication

Garage door tracks can fail when rollers are not working correctly. One of the main reasons for the issue of the rollers is the lack of lubrication.

When the rollers get stuck, they cause tension in the cables, leading to track damage. Eventually, the tracks can bend or misalign, resulting in the garage door malfunctioning.

Get in Touch with Us Today for Garage Door Track Repairs

If you suspect some issue with your garage door tracks, you should stop using the door right away. Ignoring the problem can lead to further damage, which will increase the cost of repair for you. You can determine the cause of damage yourself if the problem is visible. If not, we recommend hiring experienced professionals at Thunder Garage Door and Locksmith Services.

You should give us a call to get a free estimate. We have experienced professionals in fixing all parts of the garage door. You can hire the experts for track repairs and get a guaranteed service!