How to weatherproof a garage door is a question we are asked many times, especially living in the wet and cold NW. Every season has its charm. Spring has mild weather, and the air is scented with floral notes and fresh earth. Summer is full of wonderful warmth and fun events. Many people associate summer with visiting the beach, getting sweet frozen treats, and many other enjoyable activities. Then there is fall, a favorite among many. The trees change color, displaying vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. And last but not least, there is winter, full of sparkling snow and fun traditions such as sledding, sipping hot chocolate, and decorating for the holidays.

However, each season also comes with some cons. One of the problems you have to deal with as the environment shifts from warm to cool is the need to weatherproof your garage door. Each season has elements that will bring wear and tear to this appliance, such as rain, snow, and hail. Learn how to weatherproof a garage door properly and why this is an important part of maintenance in our blog! 

Why Is It Important to Weatherproof a Garage Door?

Weatherproofing your garage door has many benefits. There are the obvious ones, such as the fact that when you weatherproof a garage door, you extend its life and enhance the exterior appearance of your home. But there are less obvious benefits as well. For instance, when you take steps to weatherproof your garage door, you reduce the chance of rodent infestations. Additionally, you may find that your utility bills lower when you install things like weatherstripping and insulation to your garage door. 

Tips On How to Weatherproof a Garage Door

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you of the importance of weatherproofing. This important step will help keep your garage door and your home healthy and beautiful. Check out these top three tips on how to weatherproof a garage door: 

A garage door that belongs to a homeowner who needs to learn how to weatherproof a garage door

1. Replace Your Weatherstripping

At the bottom of your garage door and along the sides, there are long, thin strips. These strips prevent moisture and cold/warm air from getting inside the garage. It also prevents pests like insects and rodents from making a home inside of this space because it closes the gap between the bottom of your garage door and the floor, as well as the frame. 

Over, this weatherstripping becomes worn and damaged from an onslaught of different elements such as rain, hail, and heat. Ideally, you want to make sure to replace the weatherstripping on your garage door every three years minimum. If you notice excessive wear and tear, make sure to replace it sooner. 

2. Use a Caulk Sealant 

Caulk is an excellent way to seal your garage door against the elements. You can use caulk all around your garage door, as well as around the windows. This prevents air from getting in as well as coming out. It also helps keep moisture away, which can cause mold and mildew growth. Just be careful not to apply caulk to your actual garage door. Caulk sealant should only go around the perimeter of your garage door. 

3. Insulate Your Garage Door

If your garage is attached to your home, you are going to want to invest in garage door insulation. When your garage door lacks insulation, you are likely to lose cool air during the warmer months and heat during the colder months. The more air you lose, the more your HVAC system has to make up for. This will cause your utility bills to be higher than average. Garage door insulation prevents this problem and answers the “How to weatherproof a garage door?” question. It also helps your garage become more temperature-regulated

We Know How to Weatherproof a Garage Door

We hope you have learned essential information about how to weatherproof a garage door. If you are overwhelmed by the steps you need to take to prevent Mother Nature from taking her toll on your garage after reading our guide, it is time to contact a professional. Our experts at Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services are here for you. Reach out today for help creating a weatherproof garage door!