A garage can be used in a variety of ways, including as a workshop, home gym, studio, storage area, or a calm place to relax. But instead of exploring any of these possibilities, your garage is a disorganized, dust-filled space that hasn’t seen the light of day in ages. Lets take the time to discuss how to organizing a garage works.

Do you want your abandoned garage to remain messy, or would you rather tidy it up and make one of these possibilities become a reality? If you chose the latter, this blog is for you. Here, we will show you how to start organizing a garage to finally put it to use again. But first, learn about the consequences of a filthy and neglected garage.

Effects Of A Messy Garage

If you don’t use your garage much, it probably acts as a dump for random belongings you won’t use any time soon. This causes a mess, and nothing good ever comes from a mess. A disorganized garage can have many hazardous effects. If there are hazardous items left around your garage, it may not only result in rotting and molding but could cause a fire hazard.

In addition to its physical effects, a messy garage could cause mental effects. Disorganization is known to result in depression and anxiety. The mess can be so overwhelming that it clutters your mind with worries. To avoid these harmful effects, take the first step in organizing a garage.

Before Organizing

Organizing a garage is needed, but there are a few things you should do first to ensure everything goes smoothly in the future.

Clean Your Garage

Before you begin organizing a garage, you must clean it first. You need to ensure every nook and cranny is as clean as a whistle to rid your garage of any unwanted items. Cleaning out dirt and grime also gets rid of any mold that might be present in your garage.

Insulate Your Garage

Walking into a garage that is filled with moisture can easily make you want to leave. But by insulating your garage door and front door, you will prevent this issue from occurring. The experts here at Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services can insulate your garage doors in a variety of ways. Then you’ll be prepared for the next step.

Ways To Organize A Garage

Your garage can take many different forms, but if you insist on keeping miscellaneous items there, you should probably put some effort into keeping everything organized. Learning of the effects of a disorganized garage has probably enticed you to make this necessary change. To get started, here are some ways you can organize your garage.

Install a Workbench

Whether you don’t have a workbench in your garage or need an upgrade, installing a new workbench will be very helpful when organizing a garage. A workbench is great for those who are always completing projects, but this also can hold tools and items. And some workbenches can even be tucked in to save space when not in use. 


Similarly, a pegboard will be useful for keeping tiny objects like tools, accessories, and the like organized. A pegboard will be a terrific addition to your workstation and allow you to store even more items if you decide to get a workbench.

Slat Walls

Pegboards are useful for storing smaller items, while slat walls make storing larger equipment quite easy. You can hang hooks onto the slat walls and store various items such as gardening tools, cleaning supplies, and more. Having all your larger equipment in one area, rather than cluttered all over the place will quickly organize your garage.

Storage Containers

The best way to arrange all of your belongings, including paperwork, family pictures, vinyl, and anything else, is with storage containers. It’s also a good idea to label each container, so you can keep everything orderly whenever you revisit them.

Install Wall Shelves

A great way to keep things organized in your garage is by installing wall shelves.  The storage containers we just mentioned can be placed here to clear space on the floor. Vertical wall shelves will free up a lot of room and be useful for storing items.

How to start organizing a garage

Rely on Thunder Garage Door Repair

You can keep your storage space and make far better use of your garage when you follow these organizing techniques. Clean your garage right away and call on our crew for our insulation services. We will ensure your garage remains unaffected by outside temperatures, so give our staff a call to insulate your doors today.