How to Maintain Your Automatic Gate

Like most things around the house, automatic gates require maintenance to ensure they are efficient and work properly. There are several ways you can maintain your automatic gate. We have several tips we recommend you follow to ensure your gate operates correctly, has longevity, and won’t cost you in the future. 

What Is an Automatic Gate?

Most people think of gates on residential properties as a luxury or something only useful for maximum security, but this is simply not true. While gates are a sophisticated addition to a home, they are not meant only for those with a large, expensive home. Gates are a reliable form of security for any home and can add a statement to any home’s architecture. They can build character and add dimension to otherwise average homes. 

Several different automatic gates exist, each with different ways they open and close. These include:

  • Barrier arm gates
  • Bi-folding gates
  • Cantilever gates
  • Sliding gates
  • Swing gates
  • Vertical lift gates
  • Vertical pivot gates

As for how the automatic gate works, it’s all rather simple. All automatic gates consist of an arm that operates the gate, an electric signal that triggers the gate, and sensors to detect an approaching vehicle. There is also the automatic gate opener. The automatic gate opener requires a source of power, such as a battery or solar energy. Depending on the gate you choose, motors will dictate what source of power you can have. 

You can choose four types of motors to power your automatic gate: the linear ram motor, articulated arm motor, underground motor, and sliding motor. Each works best with certain types of automatic gates. 

A green automatic gate

Tips to Maintain Your Automatic Gate

Before taking any major steps to maintain your automatic gate, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations on your specific gate’s maintenance requirements. 

Maintain a Clean Gate

This might seem like a redundant tip, but most people with automatic gates neglect this tip. Cleaning your gate ensures your gate lasts longer. Automatic gate openers should last ten years. If you find yourself regularly having to get your gate serviced, you may need to ensure it is being cleaned.

Cleaning your gate is relatively easy. You can think of it as cleaning the siding on your home or hosing down your windows. Gates should be hosed down every few months to ensure no rust is forming. Additionally, wax also works to prevent damage to the gate. 

Lubricate Your Gate Often

Lubricating the parts of your automatic gate will keep it running for years to come. This tip works best with certain types of motors and gates, which is why following the manufacturer’s instructions is best. For example, swing gates tend to have an internal chain that can be lubricated for better functioning. 

No matter what motor or gate you have, if the moving parts are not encased, lubricating the wheels or hinges can do wonders for how well the gate moves. If you are unsure what lubrication you should use, if any, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to care for the gate. 

Keep the Pests Away

Believe it or not, insects, rodents, and reptiles can cause automatic gate problems. Specifically, they can impact the electrical components of the gate. Insects like spiders and snails can destroy circuitry, and mice can gnaw through important cables and wiring. Keep an eye out for pests, damage to integral parts of your gate, and how the gate functions. 

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