Whether you own French doors or are planning to purchase new ones, you must know of the many benefits these doors have to offer. French doors not only enhance your home’s aesthetic, but they also let in a lot of natural light. These doors are also great for your home’s security and will even increase its value. Learning how to lock French doors will ensure your safety.

One common misconception about French doors is that they don’t help homeowners feel secure due to the glass windows. However, French doors typically have dual-pane glass, which is known for its durability.

If you’re seeking an extra level of security, you can rely on the team here at Thunder Garage Doors & Locksmith Services. Our experts can ensure your home is more secure than ever before. We offer many locksmith services that can be beneficial for homeowners with French doors, which you can learn more about below.

What are French Doors?

Before showcasing our various locksmith services, and explaining how to lock French doors, let’s discuss what exactly French doors are for those who are unaware. French doors are double doors known for their elegant designs and their stylish large glass windows. These dual-pane glass windows are durable and will help stabilize your home’s temperature. Dual-pane glass uses less energy, so it is great for the environment.

French doors also have door handles placed in the middle so that you can open both doors from the center. You can even choose to have your doors swing open either forward or backward.

Locksmith Services

Thunder Garage Doors & Locksmith Services is the best place for you to learn how to lock French doors. We have a dedicated crew of experienced professionals ready to assist you with all your locksmithing needs, whether you need repairs, key duplicates, or practically anything else. Check out some of the many services we have to offer here that can help you learn how to lock French Doors.

Lock Repairs and Replacements

Does your key constantly get stuck in your lock? Do you find it difficult to turn your key? Is your lock rusted and old? These are some of the many signs that show you need to repair your lock. If you find yourself having trouble with your locks, a great way to get rid of that problem is with our lock repair service. Our experienced technicians will ensure your lock is repaired and your home is secured in no time.

But if a quick lock repair isn’t quite what you are looking for, we can also replace your lock. With our lock replacement services, a team member will remove the entire mechanism and replace it with a brand-new lock for you.

Lock Rekeying

Our versatile team can work with a variety of French door locks. We can deal with pretty much any lock you throw our way, from cylindrical lever locks to stainless-steel flush bolt locks. So if you have lock troubles, you can be sure our team is prepared for it all. Many look to our rekeying service when they have lost a key, are moving into a new home, or are forced to use multiple keys to enter their home.

Rekeying fixes all of these problems and ensures all your locks answer to only one key. With this service, you won’t have to replace the entire French door lock, and it is less costly than an all-out replacement.

Key-Making and Duplicating

If you need an extra key or a key in general, then we have services for that too. Our team can also make you a new key or duplicate an already existing key. We can create all kinds of keys such as apartment keys, double-sided keys, four-sided keys, and more. We can also duplicate your keys even if you lost your keys. As long as we have the lock, you can get back into your home.

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Locksmiths At Your Service

Thunder Garage Doors & Locksmith Services is more than prepared to assist you with any French door lock problems you may have, and can teach you how to lock French doors in future needs. Our team of technicians is willing to go the extra mile, which is why we offer mobile locksmith services for those in Portland. So get in contact with us today to get started.