How to Care For Metal Garage Doors

Are you considering purchasing a metal garage door, or need to know how to care for one? We’ve got you covered. Our team at Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services is here to guide you. You can rely on us for the latest information on metal garage doors and more. We also can help you with supply, installation, and repair. Whatever your needs are, our team has you covered. Keep reading to learn more about metal garage doors and how to care for them! 

The Importance of Caring for Metal Garage Doors

Regular maintenance is important for all garage doors, so metal garage doors are no different. When you slack on garage door care, this appliance will experience large amounts of wear and tear. When your garage door experiences wear and tear, parts of it may break. This could lead to serious injuries and damage. Thus, for the safety of yourself and your personal property, you should always invest in maintenance. 

Types of Metal Garage Doors

There are two types of metals commonly used for garage doors: aluminum and steel. Both are good choices, depending on the climate. Aluminum does not hold up well under the elements, especially if you are near saltwater. It also dents and scratches easily. Steel, on the other hand, can endure inclement weather and much more, though salt will cause corrosion over time. Steel is a sturdy metal that will last you for decades. However, no matter which type of metal you’ve chosen or are planning to choose, care tips are similar. 

Care Tips For Metal Garage Doors

You can do five things to keep your metal garage door functioning properly. Use these top care tips to ensure the largest appliance in your home stays in peak condition: 

1. Clean Your Garage Door Annually

Cleaning your garage door is absolutely essential, especially if you live in a wet, salty climate or use salt to melt ice on your driveway. To clean your garage door, you’ll need some dish soap and a bucket of warm water. Mix your soap and water, then use a soft cloth and wipe your garage door inside and out using a gentle cloth. Never use harsh chemicals, brushes, or a pressure washer on your garage door. Metal garage doors can last for many years with the proper care. 

2. Call a Professional For An Inspection Once a Year

Hiring a professional every year helps prevent expensive repair needs in the future. A professional will be able to make minor repairs and adjustments on the spot, as well as inform you if there are any parts of your opening system that need replacement. It may cost a little extra money to get an annual inspection for a professional, but it’s worth it in the long run. 

An example of metal garage doors that need maintenance

3. Check and Replace Your Weatherstripping as Necessary

Your weatherstripping helps seal your garage door against elements such as moisture as well as pests. You should check your weatherstripping and look for signs of wear and tear. If you see that this part of your garage door is failing, get it replaced right away. While you’re at it, also check and make sure there are no holes or cracks anywhere that need to be sealed. This helps protect your space from rodents and other pests that seek shelter in the colder months. 

4. Lubricate Moving Parts

Lubricating the moving parts of your garage door can help it travel up and down the tracks smoothly. You should use a small amount of lubricant on your rollers every few months. Do not overdo it with this maintenance tip. Excessive lubricant can cause buildups on your tracks that will lead to future problems. Use the smallest amount possible, and always clear your tracks of dirt and grime while you’re at it. 

5. Paint Your Metal Garage Door

Paint can help seal the surface of your metal garage door while also improving the exterior style of your home. As long as your garage door has not been galvanized, you can choose a primer, then purchase an appealing paint color. Just be sure to paint on a day that is not too hot or cold. Mild days are best for painting garage doors. 

We Can Help You Care For Your Metal Garage Door! 

Are you ready to start caring for your metal garage door? If these care tips seem overwhelming, don’t worry. Our team at Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services is here for you. Our fully licensed, bonded, and insured professionals can help install, maintain, and repair metal garage doors. Contact us today to learn more about our services!