Window Replacement

Energy Efficiency, Comfort, Value, and More

Windows do more for your home than you might realize. They play a large role in your home’s energy efficiency and, subsequently, your comfort. In addition, they add value to your home. New windows are able to significantly boost your home value as it improves many other aspects that home buyers are closely inspecting when house seeking. Windows are also a large aspect of your home’s beauty. Damaged or old windows tarnish your property’s beauty, reducing home value. As you can see, all of these qualities are tethered to your windows. That is why it’s important to seek window replacement services when your windows no longer meet expectations.

Windows We Install

Windows range in shape, size, number of panes, style, and more. While there are common types of windows for homes, we can install any window you may want for your home. Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services has developed strong relationships with leading window manufacturers, giving you a vast selection of window products for your property.

A small sample of window types we can install are featured below:

  • Single Hung Windows
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Arch Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Garden Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Egress Windows
  • Glass Block Windows
  • Transom Windows
  • Sidelight Windows
  • Garage Door Windows

Windows are an exceptional way of adding beauty and style to your home. Some window variants are better for a specific style than others. Of course, you should also consider the interior comfort of your home after window replacements. You don’t want to sacrifice comfort for beauty when it comes to windows. One of our jobs is to make sure you sacrifice nothing when choosing window replacements.

Window Replacements Along Backyard Deck
Sunroom Window Replacement

Window Brands We Install 

There are many leading window brands and manufacturers out there. Thunder Garage Door and Locksmith Services has developed long-lasting relationships with many of these brands and the customers who use their products. Our team is happy to work with new and upcoming window brands if that’s what our customers desire. Regardless of the brand, our team provides the same great customer-focused service. 

The window brands we commonly work with include:

  • Anderson
  • Pella
  • Milgard
  • Simonton
  • Alside
  • Marvin
  • Loewen
  • Atrium
  • Harvey

Each window manufacturer develops windows to meet different styles, aesthetics, quality levels, and budgets. When you come to us for window replacements, we start with what you’re looking for in windows and your budget. From there, our team can start the process of finding windows that meet your personal tastes and budget. Of course, they’ll meet your expectations in beauty and quality too! Get in touch with our team to start the window replacement process with expert installers.

Sunroom Window Replacement
Window Replacement

Professional Window Installers

You may think a small window replacement project can be done on your own. However, window replacement projects should be handled by a professional installer. Why? Well, window installation takes a lot of tools and experience to get right. Many DIYers don’t know the complexity of installing a window until they’re in the middle of the process. At that point, the final product could be disastrous. We always recommend you hire a professional to install or replace your windows like Thunder. We make sure it’s installed correctly and meets your expectations in every category.

Window Replacement
Window Replacement on House's second story

The Time for Window Replacements

Knowing when to replace your windows is a must. The perfect time for window replacements is when they are either damaged or older than 20 years. When it comes to damage, we mean any signs of rust, shattered panes, broken seals, the inability to lock or unlock, and any other problems they may have. While some of these issues can be repaired, they likely require a complete window replacement. It will save you money over time and maintain your comfort. Get in touch with Thunder today if you need window replacement services. We’ll provide a free estimate to start the project off right!

Window Replacement on House's second story
How long does it take to replace a window?

It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to replace a window. Windows of different sizes or shapes than the existing opening will take longer to install. This is because the opening or window frame must be changed to fit the window. 

Do you need a permit to replace windows in Portland?

It depends. Portland does not require a building permit if you are replacing windows of the same size, and no structural changes need to be made.

If your window opening must change in size or shape, you will need a permit. In that case, our team will obtain them before the installation.

When is the best time to install new windows?

We recommend installing new windows during the warmer seasons: spring and summer. That way, we can reduce the chance of delays from inclement weather. 

What are the signs I should replace my windows?

There are many signs that should prompt a window replacement:

  • More than 20 years old
  • High energy bill
  • Condensation between glass panes
  • Drafts coming from windows
  • Uneven temperatures in rooms
  • Broken glass panes
  • Rusted hardware
  • Unable to lock or unlock
  • Unable to open or close correctly

If your windows show any of the signs above, give our team a call for window replacements.