Driveways & Garage Flooring

Contributing to Your Home’s Beauty and Functionality

The driveway makes up a large portion of your home’s curb appeal. Cracks, holes, discoloration, and other unsightly blemishes reduce curb appeal and value. As for your garage flooring, it can experience a lot of the same issues. It may be worse than your driveway in many cases because your car is there more often. Leaks of any kind can take a toll on your concrete garage flooring. Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services can help you restore your driveway and garage flooring. We work closely with concrete repairs and other driveway materials to increase the beauty and functionality of your home.

Driveway Material Options

Driveways don’t have to be concrete, although they are the most common. If you want to add some design elements to your driveway or stand out amongst the neighborhood, there are many other material options. The team at Thunder can help you find the material that best fits your budget and personal tastes. You’d be surprised at the number of options you have.

We can install a driveway made with any of the following materials:

  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Brick
  • Gravel
  • Crushed Stone
  • Pavers
  • Basalt

Even if you go with concrete, you can do plenty of personalization to make it stand out. Stamped concrete is a common way to reach such a look, or you may choose to add a particular pigment for a specific color. Whaterver driveway material you choose, there are plenty of ways to make it unique and your own. Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services will help you on your journey to making your driveway unique.


Paver Driveway
Concrete Garage Flooring

Concrete Garage Flooring and Driveway Damage

Concrete garage floors see all types of substances. They range from oil and car fumes to dirt and dust. The vast range of debris can take a toll on your garage flooring. While you may not think much of your garage flooring when it comes to beauty, it’s important you take care of any kind of damage before it worsens.

Cracks or holes draw moisture which will then freeze and thaw. This process widens those openings and furthers the determination of your concrete. For this reason, it is important you have them repaired, and your garage floor sealed to prevent moisture penetration. The same goes for your driveway.

Certain driveway materials are able to handle the elements better than others. Concrete is a solid choice, but it will experience wear and tear over time. This is when you should contact our team for concrete repairs. Our team will assess the damage and determine how to approach the repairs.

There are a number of reasons your driveway or concrete garage flooring is damaged:

  • Poor installation
  • Water damage
  • Heavy weight
  • Tree roots
  • Rock salt

No matter the cause or the type of damage, we implement long-lasting solutions backed by our quality team of professionals and friendly customer service. Give us a call today for concrete garage flooring or driveway repairs. 

Concrete Garage Flooring
Man Cleaning Concrete Garage Flooring

Importance of Proper Care

The best way you can prolong the life and appearance of your driveway and concrete garage flooring is through regular cleaning. You can further reduce the need for maintenance with a sealant for both your driveway and garage flooring. The type of seal you use will vary on the type of material and your budget, and there are many great options to choose from. Brushing and washing your driveway and garage flooring will prevent wear and tear. It will also help you save on future repairs costs as they can be lofty in certain cases.

Concrete Driveway Damage

Signs You Needing a New Driveway

Knowing when it’s the right time to install a new driveway can save you some hassle with repairs and a hindered curb appeal. You should contact Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith services for a new driveway if you have any of the following problems:

  • Serious cracks
  • Potholes
  • Rough or old look
  • Drainage problems


How long does it take to install a concrete driveway?

It can take three to seven days to install a new concrete driveway. The size, complexity, and weather will impact the length of your driveway installation project. Other types of driveway materials (pavers, brick, stone) will take longer to install.

Are cracks in garage flooring normal?

Cracks in your garage flooring are normal. They are not a sign of structural problems at play. 

Is a permit required to install a new driveway in Portland?

In the City of Portland, installing a new driveway will require a building permit. Our team will apply and obtain all the necessary permits before the installation process begins.