Garage door weather stripping is your garage door’s first line of defense against flooding, rodent and insect infestations, and other potential sources of damage. But what kinds of garage door weather stripping exist? Where on your garage door do they go, and how do they work? What about the front panels of your garage door? Is there a way to protect them from severe weather damage? Luckily, we will show you just how to install garage door weather stripping for your panels in this blog. 

What Is Panel Weather Stripping? 

Panel weather stripping is specifically designed to keep your garage safe from wind and water damage by sealing the spaces between the panels. This type of garage door weather stripping is typically made of heavy rubber with adhesive on both sides. They are also most effective with older wood garage door panels since most other garage door materials come with mechanisms to keep anything from entering between the panels. 

How To Install Garage Door Weather Stripping For Panels?

Now that you understand why it’s important to get garage door weather stripping for garage door panels, let’s take a look at the steps required to install this type of weather stripping. 

1. Make Sure The Weather Stripping You Order Is Compatible With Your Garage Door

Before ordering your garage door panel weather stripping, there are two tasks you need to complete. First, measure the length of your garage door panels so that you order weather stripping that will most effectively fit. Second, consider the material of your garage door panels and whether or not they will be adversely affected by the weather stripping material. 

garage door weather stripping panels

2. Determine Which Supplier To Order The Panel Weather Stripping From 

Just as there are many garage door suppliers, there are also just as many companies that supply garage door weather stripping. While you can easily purchase weather stripping from Amazon, your best bet is to consult a garage door technician for their recommendations for the best supplier of garage door weather stripping for your panels. 

3. Consider Whether Or Not You’ll Need Help Installing Them 

The moment you receive the weather stripping for your garage door panels, you’ll need to think about whether or not you will need any assistance during the installation process. If you possess the skills for managing garage doors on a level equal to that of a professional, you should be all right to install the weather stripping without assistance. However, if you find yourself unsure about your ability to execute this task successfully, you should feel no shame in seeking help to get the job done. 

4. Unroll The Weather Stripping and Install Them Between Your Panels 

The first step to installing the weather stripping for your garage door panels is to unroll the weather stripping to the appropriate length to fit between each panel. Because these strips are adhesive on all sides, you should easily be able to stick them in between each panel at the top or bottom. For maximum effectiveness, stick the stripping between every panel. If successfully installed, these panel weather strips will keep any air or water from severe weather from entering your garage. 

Thunder Garage Door and Locksmiths Will Help You Install A Plus Weather Stripping For Your Garage Door!

We hope that you feel more motivated to fully weatherproof your garage door after reading this blog. If your garage door comes with wood panels, then purchasing weather stripping for your garage door panels will make a huge difference in not only protecting the inside of your garage; it will also ensure that your garage door lasts longer. But who can you trust to help you find and install the best weather stripping for your garage door panels? You can contact us at Thunder Garage Door and Locksmiths for the best garage door service in Pacific Northwest!