What is A High-Lift Garage Door?

A high-lift garage door has an extended track vertically, with the horizontal track being closer to the roof of the garage. Essentially, your door sits higher up in your garage, as close to the ceiling as it can get. Many homeowners seek high-lift garage doors to increase the amount of vertical space they have in their garage. Your existing garage door can be converted with a high-lift conversion kit, or you can start with a high-lift garage door. No matter the case, Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services can provide the installation you need.

Why Choose a High-Lift Garage Door

High-lift garage doors give you a lot more space vertically, so there are many reasons to convert your existing garage door. All types of garage doors can be converted, so you don’t have to worry about your own. Your reason for converting your garage door may be different from someone else’s, but you should take advantage of the extra vertical space afterward. In fact, you can get up to 15 inches of extra headspace when you convert your garage door.

Here are some other reasons you should convert your garage door:

  • More vertical storage space
  • Use a car lift in your garage
  • Make it feel more spacious
  • Converting the garage into a living or lounge space
  • You have a high garage door ceiling


Car Lift in Commercial Garage
High-Lift Garage Door

Converting to a High-Lift Garage Door

Any type of garage door can be converted with a high-lift kit. The only requirement you need is a 12-inch clearance at the top of your garage. Most garages have a 10-foot ceiling, giving you the space you need for your high-lift garage door. For those looking to install a car lift in their garage, make sure you’ll have at least 12 inches at the top with the size of the car lift you use. When you are seeking our high-lift garage door installation services, we’ll adjust the following parts:

  • Tracks
  • Cables
  • Cable drums
  • Springs
  • Spring bar
  • Bear plates
  • Garage door opener


High-Lift Garage Door
Garage Door Maintenance

High-Lift Garage Door Maintenance

It is crucial you maintain the health and safety of your high-lift garage door, more so than a standard door. This is because a failing high-lift garage door can be dangerous. In order to keep your high-lift door operating efficiently and in working order, hire a professional to inspect it annually. Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services offers comprehensive garage door inspections for businesses and homeowners with high-lift garage doors. Take advantage of our expertise to ensure your garage door is in healthy condition.

Garage Door Maintenance
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Commercial High-Lift Garage Door

High-lift garage doors are more common for commercial applications such as garages and warehouses. To ensure your high-lift garage door is operating efficiently, contact Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services. We have what it takes to perform any repairs or replacements your high-lift door may need. Our garage door solutions are designed to help your business thrive and meet demand. We’ll get your door up and running so you can resume business operations as soon as possible.

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