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Sleek and Minimalistic – Modern Garage Doors

Mid-century modern and modern styles feature minimal design features with a focus on efficiency. Contemporary garage doors in Portland often feature clean lines with long panels. They may incorporate windows or may be made entirely out of glass. This garage door style takes advantage of materials outside of steel and wood. Colors are usually bold and include black, gray, white, and even tan. If you want a garage door that looks forward with minimal features, modern garage doors in Vancouver are what you are looking for.

Common Modern Garage Door Characteristics

The modern or contemporary style is all about minimalism, so don’t expect elegant or exquisite designs on contemporary garage doors in Portland. Instead, these doors lean into minimalism with very few features. They can include almost no design, seemingly flat with long panels, while others may have large opaque windows framed in black aluminum. There is still a lot to enjoy from a modern garage door. Their simplicity is a quality that enhances your home’s beauty and can draw attention to other details.

Here are the most typical characteristics of modern garage doors in Vancouver:

  • Steel, wood, aluminum, glass, and fiberglass
  • Long panels
  • Straight lines
  • Large framed glass windows
  • Window frames


Modern Garage Door Framing
Modern Garage Door Framing

Contemporary Garage Door Manufacturers

Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services has worked with a handful of leading manufacturers in the garage door industry. Each of them is happy to offer modern garage doors in Vancouver for homeowners. Let our team help you find the right manufacturer and design for your home. Since we work closely with garage door manufacturers, you can expect us to get you the best prices while being capable of installing the door without a flaw.

Here are a few of the manufacturers we work closely with for modern garage doors in Vancouver:


Modern Garage Door Framing

Pairing Modernity to Convenience

Contemporary garage doors in Portland provide a sophisticated and forward-looking design to your home. However, they must be paired with an automatic garage door opener for you to really make the most out of their style. A modern garage door featuring the convenience of automatically opening and closing is vital for your modern home. There are many types of garage door openers you can match with your door. For modern garage doors in Vancouver, we recommend a smart opener. These openers can be operated by your phone anywhere. Add this advanced feature to your garage door with Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services.

Modern Solutions to Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors go through regular wear and tear; your modern garage doors in Vancouver are no different. As you use your door regularly, parts like the cables, tracks, rollers, and springs will wear out. Eventually, your garage door will require repairs. They may be in the form of part replacements or repairs. No matter what solution you need, Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services has the ability to provide them. Contact us for emergency garage door repairs. We offer long-lasting solutions with premium garage door parts. Reach out to our team for same-day garage door repair services.