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Your All-Inclusive Garage Door Supplier

With so many garage door manufacturers out there, it can be challenging to determine which is right for your home or business. Thunder Garage Door is your local garage door supplier, helping you find the door that meets your needs. Style and design are not the only quality to look for in a garage door. Function and durability are just as important; they are worth so much more in many cases! Approaching manufacturers on your own is overwhelming with so many options. As garage door suppliers in Portland and Vancouver, our team streamlines the process all in one service.  

Garage Door Supplier Brands

At Thunder, we work with all types of garage door brands and manufacturers. The wide selection gives clients the options they require. Some manufacturers don’t offer the styles or functions some clients are looking for, so partnering with a comprehensive list of brands helps the selection process. 

Many clients in the Portland and Vancouver areas choose us for their garage door supplier needs. They come to us for a wide selection of garage door options.

The most common brands we work with include:

The list above is only a sample of garage door manufacturers and brands we supply to clients. For a more detailed look at our garage door options, call us today or reach out for a consultation.

Garage Door Supplier Manufacturers we Partner With
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Why Choose Thunder Garage Door

While there are many ways to find the garage door for your property, it’s best to consult with a garage door specialist as they’ll provide you with the expertise and knowledge you need for the perfect decision. Searching for garage doors on your own doesn’t allow you to get a full scope of what is out there. There may be manufacturers or product lines you may never discover from a few online searches.

Hiring us as a garage door supplier will give you a comprehensive look at what is available at your fingertips. Our garage door experts can help you find the right door for your needs. Are you looking for a specific design to match your colonial-style home? What doors work best for a warehouse? Questions like these are essential to ask a garage door supplier so you can get the best product for the goal.

As your local garage door supplier, Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services benefits you by offering:

  • Free quotes
  • Discounts on new garage doors
  • Comprehensive selection of garage door brands
  • Licensed, insured, and bonded
  • Industry expertise from professional installers
  • Best prices from partner manufacturers
  • Installation, repair, and maintenance services


Garage Door Repair and Supplier
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Garage Door Installation

The team at Thunder is more than a garage door supplier. We provide all-inclusive garage door services, including installation. Let our team install it once we help you find and purchase your garage door. We can ensure the door is installed properly without flaws. DIY garage door installations are not recommended as they can lead to a malfunctioning or damaged door. Not to mention, you could injure yourself in the process.

Instead of dealing with the hassle of your own garage door installation, let the experts from our team handle the installation process. We have years of experience installing, servicing, and repairing garage doors. The reputations we’ve garnered as garage door suppliers, installers, services, and more in Portland and Vancouver are unmatched.

Garage Door Installation
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Servicing Doors Long After Installation

Even after we’ve helped you find the right garage door and install it, our services don’t stop there! As a comprehensive garage door company, we are your expert on all things garage doors. Once your door is installed, give our team a call for any repairs, inspections, or upgrades you may want or need. We can service any garage door part on your door along with a vast range of upgrades.

One of the best ways to keep your garage door in working condition is with annual inspections. These inspections will catch any potential problems early before they prevent your door from opening or closing or experiencing any more damage. Of course, we can always service your garage door with our emergency repairs. Get in touch with our team today for more details or request service! 

Garage Door Install and Repair
How much does a new garage door cost?

A new garage door could cost anywhere from $300 to more than $1,000. The cost is greatly dependent on the style, material, and manufacturer. Thunder is your authority garage door supplier, so get in touch with our team for the best prices on the best brands. 

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! Check out our Coupon page for all the latest discounts on new garage doors, garage door repairs, emergency service, and more!

Can you supply garage door parts?

Yes! We are able to supply replacement parts for any part of your garage door. Visit our garage door parts page to learn more about the parts we commonly service and can provide.

What styles or types of garage doors can you supply?

All styles and types! The garage door manufacturers we work with have extensive selections of sectional garage doors, overhead garage doors, carriage-style garage doors, modern garage doors, wooden garage doors, and more! Give us a call to look at the types of garage doors we can supply to your home or business.