Guiding the Garage Door Along

Garage door tracks guide the rollers for a smooth opening and closing. Most tracks are made of galvanized metal to prevent rusting or corrosion. You likely have two-inch tracks since they are the most common when it comes to residential properties. Tracks themselves don’t typically become damaged. Instead, the repairs they require are a direct result of another part failing. For example, your garage door cables could snap and lead to an uneven opening of your door. In turn, the tracks become damaged from the lack of weight support. Your tracks aren’t the only part that will suffer from another part’s failure. Your entire garage door will suffer the longer damage goes unrepaired.

Common Causes of Garage Door Track Repairs

The malfunction of another part usually causes garage door track repairs and replacements. These malfunctioning parts lead to a damaged track which will prevent the door from opening or closing. We are happy to provide repair and replacement services for those who experience any of the following:

  • Damaged cable or drum: If you attempt to close the door with this problem, the door will lower unevenly and bend the track.
  • Roller Displacement: This is caused by a lack of lubrication on the roller stems. As a result, the rollers become less flexible, and the lower portion of the track becomes bent.
  • Striker Scraping: While locked, the striker can scrape along the vertical track and cause it to split.
  • Object Impacts: Tracks can be bent from objects running into them, such as a vehicle.
  • Door Weight: The horizontal portion of the track can become fatigued when the door’s weight is put on the track. Another part failure typically causes this.

Why Replace Your Garage Door Tracks

You may be more inclined to replace your garage door tracks rather than have them repaired or keep them over a long period of time. We recommend clients replace their garage door tracks in certain situations. Repairs are essential for those who wish to maintain the same garage door and want to keep costs down. However, complete replacements may be more appropriate if your garage door tracks are very old or consistently give you problems.

Here are some reasons as to why you should replace your garage door tracks:

  • Installing a new garage door
  • Structural changes or updates
  • Maintain safety
  • Updated appearance for the entire garage


Types of Track Lift Types

Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services can repair all types of tracks, no matter if they are residential or commercial. Residential garage doors typically have standard lift tracks, while vertical lift systems are reserved for commercial doors. High-lift systems are the third type of track lift. Each of these track systems operates the same but is constructed differently. This is due to the purpose each of them serves in their respective applications. No matter that type of garage door track system you have, we’ll assist you in repairing any type of damage it has sustained.

The Importance of Hiring Professionals

Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services cannot stress enough how important it is you hire a professional for your garage door track repair or replacements. Installing a garage door track system requires a professional’s expertise and skills. This is a DIY project you will not be able to tackle on your own or successfully. Contact our team today to receive the garage door track repairs you require. We’ll use premium parts that match your specific garage door system. Our solutions are effective and long-lasting. Take advantage of our expertise today!