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We can provide any type of garage door repair services in Vancouver our clients may need, which is vital for their sake. We work with all types of garage door parts and manufacturers. You never have to stress about the door type because our technicians are skilled and knowledgeable with every make and model. Certified technicians with premium parts carry out the garage door repairs we perform. Our long-lasting garage door repair solutions are what you need when your garage door fails to function properly.

Garage Door Repair Parts

Garage doors operate using a number of different parts, each with its own specific purpose and function. When a part becomes damaged or fails, it can impact other parts. The door may still function, but it may not be as efficient. Plus, the longer you choose to leave the damaged part, the health of your door will worsen, along with other parts. It is critical you get your garage door parts repaired or replaced when you notice an issue. Neglecting repairs leads to high costs and a malfunctioning garage door.

Our Portland garage door fixers work with all types of garage door parts, but the most common garage door repair services in Vancouver include the following:

  • Springs
  • Openers
  • Tracks
  • Cables
  • Rollers
  • Panels
  • Clickers/Remotes
  • And more!


Common Garage Door Problems We Repair

Garage Door Brands We Service

There are a lot of garage door brands and designs. At Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services, we are thrilled to provide repairs for any type of garage door. The make and model don’t matter to our Portland garage door fixers. A team of professional and skilled technicians will provide the garage door repair services in Vancouver that you require. They have been trained to diagnose problems and perform repairs promptly. By the time your service is completed, your garage door will be working like it was new. The parts are from premium manufacturers, meaning they’ll last.

Some of the most common garage door brands we service include the following:


Garage Door Supplier Brands

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door springs are one of the most common parts of our garage door repair services in Vancouver. Springs are responsible for assisting your door in opening and closing. As the door lowers, the springs get tense, and while it raises, the tension is released. Most garage door springs last about 10,000 cycles of opening and closing. So, if you only use your garage door once a day, expect the springs to last a little more than 10 years. Of course, other types of springs can last longer or give out before then. In those cases, you need garage door repair services in Vancouver. For your garage door to open and close, your springs must be in healthy condition. Give us a call for emergency repair services and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Garage Door Motor

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door openers also assist in the opening and closing of your door. Most openers use a chain, belt, or screw to lift the garage door. No matter the type of garage door opener you may have, our team can be there to do garage door repair services in Vancouver when it fails. We provide a number of different garage door opener repairs. Our professional technicians can repair problems associated with the door switch, a burnt-out motor, faulty clicker, damaged belt or chain, reprogramming, and more! The repairs we make use of premium materials that will last you rather than cheap and easy solutions. We want to ensure your garage door operates perfectly as long as possible. Using the right parts is one way our Portland garage door fixers can achieve that objective.


The cost to repair your garage door will depend on the types of parts that need replacing and what exactly is wrong with your door. Some garage door parts are more expensive than others. The complexity of the garage door repair will also have an impact on your repair costs. For an accurate estimate of your garage door repair cost, give us a call for a free estimate.


All of them! We can perform any type of garage door repair you may need. We are able to provide the following garage door repair services: Garage door spring repair Garage door opener repair Garage door cable repair Garage door roller repair Garage door panel repair Garage door dent repair And more! No matter what is wrong with your garage door, our team has the ability to repair it. Give us a call for a free estimate today!


Overall, the decision to repair or replace your garage door is based on its condition. If your garage door is extremely old or requires a lot of repairs, a replacement may be best. For newer garage doors or doors experiencing a sudden problem, repairs are the best option. To learn more about whether a garage door repair or replacement is right for you, visit our blog where we took a deeper dive into this question.


Sometimes. Some garage door repairs can be done on your own, while others are more complicated. Regardless, we recommend hiring a professional garage door repair company for your repair needs. That way, the repairs are addressed by a professional, and no other problems are present.

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Matt did a great job of installing two new springs on my garage door opening system. He was out within one hour of my calling. He did the job quickly and efficiently, explaining everything that he had done. The price was very competitive. I highly recommend Matt and Thunder Garage Door.
We had our 50 year old garage doors replaced a few months back. We are so glad we did. Our new doors are whisper quiet. No more worrying about the springs breaking, like what happened in our old doors. The Thunder Garage door team worked quickly and professionally. Highly recommend.

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