Garage Door Framing

Built From the Ground Up – Garage Door Framing

The garage door frame is the structure that makes up the opening for your door to fill. Jambs cover the rough framing for the door to be mounted. A sturdy and proper garage door framing is essential for your garage door to withstand the outside elements and keep your home protected. A poorly framed door will cause you significant problems later on down the road. Make sure your framing is handled by garage door professionals in Portland like Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services. We can also perform any type of garage door framing in Vancouver repairs you may require.

Garage Door Frame Repairs

A garage door frame is an important component of your garage door system because it can cause your door to stop working entirely. If you don’t seek Garage Door Framing Vancouver soon enough, you may rack up costs in repairs. You want to avoid this by contacting our team when you notice an issue with your garage door frame. Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services is capable of performing a wide range of framing repairs, such as the following:

  • Split door jambs
  • Sticking garage door
  • Sagging door frames
  • Too big or small of a frame
  • Dent or damage to door frame
  • Rotted garage door frame
  • Exterior door jamb damage


Modern Garage Door Framing
Traditional Garage Door Framing

Determining Repair Costs for Garage Door Framing

There are a lot of factors to consider when determining the cost of your garage door frame repairs. Before our garage door professionals in Portland gets to work on your repairs, we’ll provide you with a free estimate. A technician will inspect the framing and door thoroughly. When performing the inspection, they take the following into consideration:

  • Size of the garage door frame
  • Extent of damage
  • Materials required for repairs


Traditional Garage Door Framing
Carriage-style Garage Door Framing

Garage Door Framing Experts

As a professional garage door company, we are professionals when it comes to the entire garage door framing in Vancouver. We only hire the best technicians who are committed to upholding our quality customer service. They are also well educated and experienced in framing repairs. They’ll inspect your frame for various types of damage that prompted your phone call. No matter the repair you require, our garage door professionals in Portland can provide you with a solution!

Carriage-style Garage Door Framing
Four Garage Doors Framing

Same-Day Emergency Repairs

Garage doors can experience all sorts of damage at the most unexpected times of the day. Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services understands this phenomenon and wants to provide same-day emergency repairs for those who require garage door framing in Vancouver. When you notice an issue with your garage door or its framing, reach out to our garage door professionals in Portland to get the same day repair. Garage door repairs require immediate attention, and our team is here to provide that.

Four Garage Doors Framing