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Designed for Your Home

Every home has a complimentary garage door design. Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services works with many manufacturers with vast catalogs of garage door design in Vancouver that pair well with many types of homes. If you can’t find a garage door design you love, let us help you create a custom garage door for your home. This is a great method to stand out within your community and develop a design that reflects your personality.

Garage Door Design Styles

When our garage doors can represent up to 30% of our home’s exterior, it is critical is select the right door style. Fortunately, there are several garage door designs and styles you can select from. Many of our manufacturers offer a vast array of garage door design services in Portland with many different customization options such as colors, panel length, windows, and more. Let our team assist you in your garage door design in Vancouver by helping you choose from one of the following styles:

  • Traditional
  • Modern/contemporary
  • Carriage-style
  • Custom


Garage Door Design Carriage-Style Doors
Garage Door Design and Installation

Custom Designed Garage Doors

A uniquely designed garage door for your home can do wonders for your home’s beauty and value. No matter how many garage doors our manufacturers offer, some of our clients will not be satisfied with their design. We respect that and want to give you the option to design your custom garage door. You have a lot of choices to make when it comes to garage door design in Vancouver.

Below, you can find all the choices you have with garage door design in Vancouver:

  • Materials
  • Colors
  • Sizes
  • Panels
  • Windows
  • Glass
  • Models
  • Hardware


Garage Door Design and Installation
Traditional Garage Door Design

What to Consider When Designing a Garage Door

When you approach designing your own garage door, there are certain aspects you should consider. One of the most important includes the style of your home. Not every ranch-style home will fit with a modern, chic garage door design in Vancouver. Be sure to consider the type of home you have and pair it well with the style of your garage door. You should also consider what your neighbors have. The last thing you want is your garage door to match one of theirs. Notice the types of door design services in Portland have and select something that stands out but compliments your home.

Traditional Garage Door Design
Modern Garage Door

From Design to Installation

Thunder Garage Door & Locksmith Services is here to walk you through every part of the garage door purchase phase. We’ll assist you in replacing your current garage door from the initial design to the installation process. Let our technicians assist you in finding the right garage door design in Vancouver for your home and install it when it arrives. That way, you can get the most out of your custom-designed garage door. Our team wants you to take advantage of door design services in Portland in every way possible. It should provide you with convenience and safety, all while elevating and complementing the style of your home’s exterior.

Modern Garage Door